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About Me

I've always been heavily steeped in my imagination. I began drawing at an early age. Most of what I produced back then were comic book inspired
super-gigantic-Rambo-looking types. Obsessed with video games, I once drew out levels for a side scrolling arcade style Ghostbusters game that
would've rivaled Double Dragon. When my father brought home a Hi-8 camcorder I immediately took it and started shooting everything from silly sketches
to stop motion animation (which was almost impossible with that thing).

My fascination and passion for creating has yet to waiver. It still kind of shocks me to say that I get to spend most of time doing
animation and graphic design work. But how could that possibly be satisfying enough? I still love getting behind a camera. I love brainstorming new ideas
and being inspired by other peoples'. And I love playing the guitar, sloppily, and only using power chords! But I'm always trying to new learn more, create
more and improve myself as I go. Much like this site, I enjoy seeing my life as a work in progress.

Adam Shumaker © 2012